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Sergio Garcia

Ive always been a fan of Garcia ever since he emerged onto the golf scene, what I love most is the energy he puts into every shot and these swing videos below show just how he manages to get such distance. How he manages to break his wrists so late is just amazing to me, and something im going to practice down the range!!

4 Responses to “Sergio Garcia”

  1. Frankie C Says:


    Friday, May 1, 2009


    It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is at your back and you’re striping ball after ball out to the 250 yard sign. Soon you’ll be on the first tee box and, man, are you ready.

    Right next to you, Charles Barkley is laughing as he hits another driver twenty five yards past your ball.

    “Don’t want to ruin your confidence, he says, I’ll start hitting my 3-Wood”.

    “Who introduced Charles to Over The Top Golf? you ask yourself. Life was so much more pleasant when I was making fun of him and not the other way around.”

    The voice on the loudspeaker jolts you back to reality. “Next on the tee, the Barkley, Woods twosome.”

    As you hear Charles say “Let’s go, Tiger, we’re up….” you are thinking “man, this is gonna be a long day…..”

  2. John Clark Says:

    Wow! One of my favourite players, he WILL win a major soon!

  3. briangarg Says:

    Sergio Garcia is an amazing player. He has proved himself and will surely prove in future too.

  4. steve/newcastle Says:

    Sergio turned pro in 1999 and i think his improvement over the decade is about to start paying off,mainly i think thanks to his Father Victor who has played in eight career Champions Tour events…Started playing golf at age 3 and became club champion at age 12.
    And is also Sergios teacher

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