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Celtic Manor 2010 Tickets

Wondering how you go about getting your hands on some 2010 Ryder Cup Tickets? Well I was and the Ryder Cup website had this information;

“Details of the ticket ballot and application process will be posted on The Ryder Cup and European Tour websites when the details are finalised.”

“Tickets to the 2010 Ryder Cup will be available through a random lottery draw. Registration for the ballot is scheduled to start from March or April 2009 with the ballot closing in August 2009. The procedure for entering the draw will be well advertised on both and, as well as other media channels and will be done over a period of several weeks to allow everyone a fair chance of securing tickets. There is no pre-registration process at this time.”

So if your keen like I am then keep an eye open on the Ryder Cup and European Tour websites, as the 2010 Ryder Cup is going to be a classic and definitely not one to be missed!!

2 Responses to “Celtic Manor 2010 Tickets”

  1. Essex Golf Lessons Says:

    I wonder what the ticket allocation is for corporates and individuals. I will probably end up paying over the odds to see this tournament. Okay moan over, I shall be entering for the “lottery”.

  2. Mark Sutherland Says:

    These tickets will be very hard top get hold of.

    Without doubt there will sadly be alot of profiteering this year.

    At least the fact people have to follow site means some touts will not bother.

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